How To Prepare A Dresser For A Move

Dressers are one of the largest pieces of furniture within your home, and their unwieldy size and heavy weight means that dressers are likely to become damaged while in transit if you are moving to a new home. Thankfully, there are a few simple things that you can do to properly pack and protect your dresser for moving day.

Break it Down

The first thing that you should do when prepping your dresser for a move is to break it down and remove all of the extra parts that you possibly can. This will greatly reduce the weight of the dresser and make the entire moving process much easier. Firstly, empty out all the drawers and pack the clothes separately in suitcases or garbage bags. Then, remove the drawers, if possible and move them separately. If your dresser also has a mirror, you should unscrew it and move it by itself as well: use painter's tape to draw a grid on the mirror to hold the glass in place in case it breaks, and then wrap the entire thing up in bubble wrap and moving blankets. Finally, if your dresser has legs that can be unscrewed, you'll want to remove those as well and move them with the drawers and mirror.

Wrap it Up

Once the drawers and all other removable pieces have been taken off of your dresser, you can begin getting it ready to go in the truck. You'll want to use moving blankets or bubble wrap and painter's tape to create a cushioning barrier around the dresser itself. All of these items can be purchased at most moving and supply stores. Make sure that you use painter's tape instead of another type of take, as painter's tape won't damage the paint of your dresser or leave a residue when removed, allowing you to tape the padding directly to the dresser.

Proper Loading

If you're moving yourself, you'll want to use a dolly and at least two other people to help you support and move the dresser into the moving truck. Make sure that it is one of the first things loaded into the truck, and strap it down so that it is unlikely to shift around and fall on your other items. If possible, you may want to also pack other large and heavy items tightly around the dresser to make sure that the dresser can't shift around while the truck is moving.