Picking The Right Self-Storage Facility And Choosing The Right Locks To Keep Your Valuables Secure

Self-storage facilities can be popular targets for thieves; self-storage units may contain valuable electronics, antique jewelry, important documents (for identity theft) or other high-value items. Thankfully, there are a few steps that you can take to make sure your self-storage unit is as secure as possible.. Make sure that the self-storage facility itself features good security practices so that it does not become an attractive target for criminals. Choosing the correct type of lock is important; disc locks are supported by practically all self-storage facilities, are inexpensive and are very secure compared to alternatives such as padlocks. By taking the correct precautions, it's easy to secure your valuable items and prevent unwanted access to your self-storage unit.

Survey The Facility Itself For Adequate Security Features

Pay attention to the security features on the premises of the self-storage facility; you'll want to check for security cameras (that are actually recording security footage and are not fakes) and motion detectors. A nighttime security patrol is a good feature, but not required; however, there should definitely be someone on the premises of the self-storage facility at all times in order to call emergency services in the event of a break-in or a fire. The self-storage facility should cut down on potential robbery attempts by requiring that units be locked whenever the renter is not on the premises and preferably should require that renters use disc locks or other secure locks rather than allowing the use of insecure locks such as padlocks.

Purchase A Disc Lock For Your Unit

Disc locks are the best choice for self-storage units since they strike the best balance between price and security. The shackle on disc locks is shrouded compared to the shackle on padlocks, where it's exposed more openly. This makes it very difficult for a thief to simply snap the lock with bolt cutters and gain entry to your unit. A thief who is robbing the self-storage facility at night will be likely to skip over your unit and instead attempt to gain entry to those with less-secure locks. Removing a disc lock requires either a huge pair of bolt cutters and incredible physical strength or a battery-powered angle grinder or rotary drill. Using power tools on the premises makes a lot of noise, so it's definitely not going to be the first choice of thieves who are looking to break into storage units. The difficulty in bypassing disc locks makes them a great choice to secure your storage unit.

Make Sure The Hasp On The Door Is Securely Attached And Can't Be Circumvented

When you are touring the self-storage facility, make sure you examine the hasp on the unit similar to the one you will be assigned. The hasp Is latch attached to the door that you actually place the disc lock on to secure the door. There are locks on the market costing over a hundred dollars that take experienced locksmiths upwards of ten minutes to successfully break; a lock like that doesn't do you much good if a thief can simply use bolt cutters to cut through the hasp or use an electric screwdriver to unscrew it from the door. Make sure the hasp it securely fastened and can't be easily removed by a potential thief.

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