How To Use Storage Units As Minimalist

For all but the most hard-core minimalists, a storage unit can be a lifesaver. "Out of sight, out of mind" as the old saying goes, but studies also show that the less clutter you have in your home, the less-stressed you are. Keeping your extra belongings in a personal storage unit can lead to an overall happier state of being.

First, Start With What's Already Stored

When most people think of minimalism, they think of the clutter they can see. That's the wrong approach. Instead, focus on the clutter that you already have stored in your home: in your attic, tucked away into closets, under the beds, etc. Sort through those and decide what you can and can't live without, and either sell or donate the unnecessary items.

Personal storage can be a lifesaver here. Family heirlooms are often stashed in these types of places because they're not used very often, but homeowners can't bring themselves to get rid of them either. Small storage units can be rented very inexpensively and provide an excellent way to protect what's truly valuable.

Next, Move to the Bedroom

One of the things that people store most often is clothes, so head into your closet and use this as an opportunity to purge certain items from your life. A wedding dress, for example, takes up a massive amount of space in your closet, and putting it into a climate-controlled personal storage unit will not only keep it safe but may also keep it from deteriorating as well. The same goes for clothes that your older kids have grown out of but your younger kids will be able to fit into in a few years. Those don't have to stay in your house; moving them into a storage unit allows you the peace of mind to know you're prepared for the future.

Finally, Keep it Neat

Minimalists love efficiency. Personal storage is great, but its true potential can be stunted if bags are thrown on top of boxes (or vice versa) without any thought to the organization. When you rent your unit, find out exactly how much space you'll need (before you rent) and then find airtight containers that can stack to make the most of the unit. The goal is to keep as little dead space as possible, so take a little bit of extra time to think this through. Consider also when you'll need these items. Place the boxes that are going into longer-term storage near the back, while keeping the ones you'll use sooner up at the front.

For more information on personal storage units, contact your local specialist.