5 Ways To Help Employees Be Positive About An Office Move

Are you preparing to move offices? Along with managing the logistics of the actual move, you also need to manage your employees' responses and concerns. One important factor in a successful office move, then, is getting employees engaged and positive about this big change. How can you do this? Here are a few tips.

1. Let Them Know Why

If left in the dark, employees may come up with all sorts of negative thoughts about the move, the reason for it, and the consequences of it. Get ahead of these private musings by being open about why you're moving. Even if there is a somewhat unfortunate problem—perhaps you can't afford the rent in an increasingly popular neighborhood—letting people in on the secret helps them be more understanding about the company's choices. 

2. Add a Splurge to the Office

No matter what the reasons for the move, add something for people to look forward to. This could be an upgraded employee lounge, not sharing offices, or getting new ergonomic desks. Having at least one positive benefit for staff helps them be more upbeat about the changes. 

3. Hire Professional Help

Many employees may be fine with the end result of the move—being in a new office. But they may not have time or interest in interrupting their work to actually execute the move itself. Let them know that you don't expect them to shoulder the burden. Instead, you'll have professional movers doing the heavy lifting—and perhaps coming in advance to help disassemble, pack up, unpack, and install their new workspaces. 

4. Plan a Celebration

After you and your staff get done with the big job of transferring their work lives, plan a 'thank you' for everyone. This might be a big party to celebrate the new space or a personal tour of its new features. You could give everyone the afternoon off or have lunch catered. In some way, make your arrival a happy outcome.

5. Be Flexible

Moving their workplace is a source of stress for many. It may even be impossible for some. The more you work with individuals who have extenuating circumstances, the easier the transition will be. Can you offer remote work (part-time or full-time) to certain employees? A more flexible schedule for others? What about adjusting some aspect of their workload so as to accommodate new commutes? Be open to creative solutions and proactive in offering them where necessary. 

If you follow these few tips, your office move will be less stressful and more successful. Want more ideas for helping employees embrace this change? Contact a commercial moving service for more information.