Packing Tips For Tools, Hardware, Books, And Clothing That Will Help Items Remain Organized While In Storage

If you will be hiring a moving company to assist with transporting an abundance of tools, hardware, books, and clothing to a storage facility so that you can renovate your attic without materials getting in the way, the following tips will assist with condensing the items so that they fit inside of the storage unit and remain organized. 

Materials That You Will Need

  • wooden boards
  • hammer
  • nail gun
  • nails
  • labels
  • marker
  • plastic sheeting
  • packing tape
  • glass jars
  • plastic container
  • foam cushioning
  • crates
  • power drill
  • screwdriver
  • plastic bags (designed to be vacuum sealed)
  • vacuum attachment

Hang Tools From Wooden Boards And Place Hardware In Glass Jars

Purchase a couple sturdy wooden boards and drive nails through them. Hang tools with handles from the nails. Label the tools so that you can easily locate specific pieces when needed. Place large pieces of plastic sheeting over the boards and secure the edges of the sheeting with packing tape. Once the boards are moved to the storage facility, lean them up against one of the interior walls of the unit that you have rented.  

If you have multiple nails, screws, or other types of hardware on hand, place the materials inside of small glass jars with lids. Line the jars up inside of a foam-cushion lined plastic container. Afterward, fill the container with packing materials before placing a lid on the container. 

Take Apart Shelving Units And Place Books In Large Crates

If books are currently stored on shelving units, remove them and line them up inside crates with their spines facing upward. If you have enough time, alphabetize the books or sort them by theme before placing them in crates so that you can put your hands on specific volumes without needing to sift through all of the books that you own.

Take apart shelving units and place hardware in a small container before packing it with the hardware items that you placed in a plastic container during the previous step. Use pieces of plastic sheeting to cover the pieces of each shelviing unit. Use tape to secure the edges of the sheeting. 

Use Vacuum Sealed Bags To Store Garments 

If you wish to store clothing in waterproof bags before placing the items in boxes, remove garments from hangers and fold each clothing item before placing it inside of a large plastic bag that is designed to be vacuum sealed. After you have filled the bag, connect a vacuum attachment to the bag and turn on the equipment to remove air. The bag will flatten as you complete this step and will reduce the chances of clothing being exposed to moisture, which could cause damage to fabric. Clothing will also not be likely to wrinkle while stored in a vacuum sealed bag. 

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