3 Tips To Help Your Commercial Move Go Smoothly

The task of moving your entire office to a new location can be quite challenging. Not only is there a lot of manual labor involved, but you need to do a lot of planning and organization to make sure it is done right.

Here are some tips that will help your commercial move go smoothly. 

Create A Moving Timeline

It is crucial that you create a timeline for how your commercial move is going to go, which means planning several months in advance. You not only have the task of packing up everything in the office, but you need to notify your vendors, clients, and customers of the move. Make sure that you have deadlines for when you send out those notifications, when you need to start packing, and to plan for downtime when you don't have a fully working office.

Hire Commercial Movers

You'll want to make sure that you hire your commercial as early as possible. With many leases ending on the first or last day of the month, you may find that booking a commercial mover is harder than you think. Make sure that your moving date is locked in far in advance so that you have the crew that you need to do all of the heavy lifting. 

Create An Inventory 

Moving a business is very different from moving a home. Things are organized quite differently when they do not fall into the buckets of the rooms the items go into, such as a bedroom or a kitchen. You'll want to create an inventory of all the items that you pack to make sure that you know exactly where they are. 

The best way to make an inventory is to number all of your boxes, and then create a spreadsheet of the contents of that box. This will help you find a very specific thing that you need when you are in a pinch and have not fully moved in yet. 

It will also help to label all office furniture and other items that are too big to go into a box. Each item can be assigned a number that is also on that spreadsheet, which identifies what office it goes into. It also is a good way to verify everything made it to your new office. 

Looking for more tips to help your commercial move go smoothly? Reach out to commercial movers prior to your moving day to learn more.