Hiring Movers? 4 Things You Don't Want To Do

While you may be able to save money moving yourself to your new home, you may prefer to simply hire a good local moving company. If you do go this route, though, you need to know that this is a very important decision. To assist you in making a good hiring decision, here are four things that you won't want to do:

1. Only Get One Quote from a Single Moving Company.

Whether you are moving across the city or the state, it is a good idea to get moving estimates from at least a few different moving companies. You don't want to simply single out one moving company that you may have heard excellent things about. You need to perform plenty of research on these companies and ensure that you are hiring a trustworthy and reputable company.

2. Fail to Have an In-Home Visit Before Hiring.

When you are getting estimates from these potential moving companies, you want to make sure that you have them come out to your home and review the items that you will be having them move. This helps them provide you the most accurate estimate. Sure, you can tell them everything that you have over the phone, but it is always better if they can come see in it person so that there are no issues on price down the road. 

3. Choose a Moving Company Based Solely on the Estimate Price.

While you may be on a budget when it comes to moving, the last thing that you want to do is choose the least expensive mover – unless they seem to really and truly be the best one out of the estimates that you were given. You don't want to focus solely on price. Instead, while price should be a factor in your final decision, you need to also look for a company with a solid reputation, proof of insurance, etc. 

4. Fail to Ask Questions.

Moving isn't easy, and neither is hiring a moving company. There are many details involved, but you need to make sure that your items are in good hands. A reliable moving company is going to provide you with all the necessary information upfront and anticipate your questions and concerns before they are ever asked.

However, there may be something that you need to know that they don't provide to you. This is when you need to ask some questions, such as when additional fees may apply, whether they subcontract to smaller companies and whether they transfer your belongings between trucks (sometimes happens on long-distance moves). For more information, visit websites like http://www.movefla.com/.