Planning A Move? 4 Time-Saving Tips To Make Packing Easier And Safer

Now that you've found the perfect house, it's time to start preparing for the move. The hardest part about moving is the packing. First, you need to make sure that everything is safe and secure so that it all arrives at your new home in one piece. Second, you need to make sure that your essential items are easy to find once you get there. Here are four sure-fire ways to make packing safer, and easier:

Sock it to Your Glassware

If you've got glassware that you're worried about, don't buy rolls of bubble wrap. Instead, grab out socks and put them to good use while you're packing. Use your socks as protective sleeves for all your glassware. Simply open one of your socks, and carefully place a glass inside it. Place the sock inside your packing box, and continue with the rest of your glasses. To continue putting your clothing to work for you, use your t-shirts to protect your dishes. Spread a shirt out on the counter and place a dish inside it. Fold the shirt around the dish, and place it in the box. Your glassware, dishes, and clothing will arrive safe and secure.

Seal Up the Liquids

There's nothing worse than packing your liquids and having them open up during the move. Once you get to your new home, you find out that your bottles have leaked, and the boxes are soaked. With a bit of saran wrap, you can seal your bottles, and prevent messy leaks. Open a bottle, and place a piece of saran wrap over the opening. Place the lid back on the bottle and seal it tightly. The saran wrap will form a protective seal that will prevent leaks.

Bundle Your Boxes

It can be cumbersome to load your dolly up with individual boxes. You never know when one of the boxes is going to slip, causing the entire load to tumble onto the ground. By investing in stretch wrap, you can keep your boxes neatly, and securely, bundled together. Once your boxes are packed, stack them together with like-sized boxes. Wrap the stacks with some stretch wrap so that they can be moved together in bundles.

Make Your Essentials Easier to Find

Once you get to your new home, there are going to be items that you need to get to quickly, such as personal hygiene items, or important papers. Make those items easier to find by packing them in clear containers. If you don't have access to clear containers, label the boxes that contain your essentials. That way, you won't have to search through all your boxes to find the items you need right away.

Contact local moving companies for more information and assistance.