Packing Storage When You Don't Have A Moving Date

There are times where you will need to move out of your old place, but will not have a new place to permanently settle. If you are moving out of your old home but you are taking some time to travel or if you will be staying with family and friends for the current time, your items need to go into storage. Storage facilities can offer a month to month method for keeping your items safe for an inexpensive price. Here are some ways to pack your things to go into storage when you are not sure if the move will take one month or nearly a year. 

Get a temperature controlled space

If you do not have a moving date to depend on, it is vital that you place your items inside of a cooled and heated self-storage unit. This will ensure that none of your plastic begins to melt when the temperature is too high. Having the storage unit heated is also vital because some items, such as glass becoming frozen means that it can crack when the temperature dips. You do not want to have to deal with the cost of moving and the cost of replacing items, so make sure that your storage is temperature controlled. 

Create a comprehensive list 

Keeping a list of every single item that you have in storage will help you financially and with your organization. If you are living in a small space temporarily, you may take little with you. If you find that you need something more because of the change in seasons or if you are going on a trip, a list will let you know if you already own it. Along with having a list, you should place the list of items packed inside of each box on the top of the box itself. This way if you need anything, you can look at the top of the box, rather than unwrapping anything. 

Keep the possible sales at the front

Moving your items into storage gives you some idea of what you may need and what you won't need later on. If there are items that you are considering selling or offering for donations, these can be left up front. This way you can remove them for sales or take for donations without rearranging your storage room. Once you remove the items that you decide that you no longer need, you may find that you can move to a smaller storage unit as you wait for a permanent space.