Tips For Moving Your Pool Table To Your New Home

Moving to a new home is already tough enough as it is. However, it gets even more complicated when you have to move a large item with you. While some items are easy to put on an appliance dolly, such as a freezer or washing machine, others are too big to move as is. One large item you may have trouble with is a pool table, which is why it helps to know the following tips. 

Create A Plan For Disassembling The Pool Table 

You need to decide how much you are going to disassemble the pool table, which will depend on the type of pool table you have and how heavy it is. Even for a lighter pool table, the base is often made out of heavy slate that can be several hundred pounds. There are many basic pool tables that have pockets that hold the balls once they go into them, and others that have more complicated mechanisms under the table that gather the pool balls for you.

If you have a lighter pool table, all you may need to do is take the base off of the table, disconnect the pockets so they do not get damaged, and have several friends help do the heavy lifting. Heavier pool tables will require more disassembly to make each part you must move as light as possible. 

Carefully Remove The Felt

The felt most likely covers a lot of the bolts you'll need to undo to remove the table from the base. Be prepared to carefully remove the felt so that it can be put back onto the table later. It's best to use a staple remover to avoid causing any damage to the felt. Also, make sure that it is protected during transport. 

Collect the Smaller Pieces In One Place

Make sure you have a box where you can put the smaller pieces that you remove from the table, and plastic bags that you can label to hold the screws, bolts, and other pieces that can easily become lost during a move. Make sure you clearly mark what part of the table each piece comes from to make reassembly easier. 

Label Your Pieces

While pieces of the pool table may look identical when removing them, it's important to label the exact side that they came from. Your side rails should be labeled with which side they came from. Use a piece of a kind of tape that can be easily removed later on, like painters' tape, to make a note on each piece so you know where exactly it goes. Don't forget to mark which side is which on the main table as well. 

Reach out to professional movers if you need assistance getting your pool table to your next home.