Hiring Movers? 4 Things You Don't Want To Do

While you may be able to save money moving yourself to your new home, you may prefer to simply hire a good local moving company. If you do go this route, though, you need to know that this is a very important decision. To assist you in making a good hiring decision, here are four things that you won't want to do: 1. Only Get One Quote from a Single Moving Company.

Packing Tips For Tools, Hardware, Books, And Clothing That Will Help Items Remain Organized While In Storage

If you will be hiring a moving company to assist with transporting an abundance of tools, hardware, books, and clothing to a storage facility so that you can renovate your attic without materials getting in the way, the following tips will assist with condensing the items so that they fit inside of the storage unit and remain organized.  Materials That You Will Need wooden boards hammer nail gun nails labels marker plastic sheeting packing tape glass jars plastic container foam cushioning crates power drill screwdriver plastic bags (designed to be vacuum sealed) vacuum attachment Hang Tools From Wooden Boards And Place Hardware In Glass Jars